If you would like to discuss a project, consultancy fees, request I cover something on my blog or look at writing for my blog please get in touch.


3 Butler Ave, Harrow HA1 4EJ




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Business Enquries

I’m available for consulting on a freelance basis and have a number of options available. If you are looking for someone to advise you on growing your business or startup please get in touch and we can discuss things further.

Advertising Opportunities

If you’re looking to advertise on my site or you have a sponsored article I have a number of competitive rates to suit most budgets. 



Guest Post Opportunities

If you have a background in finance or business and you’re looking to get your content onto a reputable site I’m interested in hearing from you. 

I only consider the following topics:

Please be aware that I only accept original work, please don’t pass off other peoples hard work as your own, all submissions will be checked and rejected if I find them to be plagiarised.

Aim for 500-1500 words and please include at least one high resolution image that you own the rights to. You may be asked to prove ownership if this is unclear.

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