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The past few years have changed the way that businesses reach out to new customers with the pandemic caused by covid causing a lot of industries to think about the way that they market their services. When covid first started it caused the introduction of lockdowns which led millions of us to be stuck at home for long periods and not being able to leave unless for important circumstances or if you were a key worker. A lot of industries had to change the way that they operated due to them having to close the doors to customers and head to an online platform only. An industry that headed to an online presence and saw a huge rise in users coming to their different platforms was the gambling industry with online casinos bringing in a lot of business over the pandemic.


A large number of UK casinos accepting credit cards like these saw a huge increase in online traffic when they turned to an online presence only and a key part of this was due to them using social media marketing to attract new customers. Social media platforms have been very popular for millions of people for many years and in recent times a lot of businesses have turned their attention to using social media platforms to promote their services due to them being able to branch out to millions of people across one platform with just a few different adverts. During the lockdown periods, a lot of companies used social media marketing to their benefit with them being able to target people at home who were doing nothing other than scrolling through their phones on different social media channels. Social media platforms proved to be a great way to market your business during COVID and branch out to millions of new potential customers.



During the pandemic, social media platforms became a key part of most people’s daily routines with them spending more time on the different platforms than they usually would. Social media marketing, as well as digital marketing, helped to keep a lot of industries to stay open and active with them still being able to offer their services to users from around the world. Social media platforms were at their peak during the pandemic as more people turned to them to keep themselves entertained whilst they had a lot of sparer time on their hands due to being at home more often than normal.







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