The Increasing Role of Predictive Maintenance Technologies


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Predictive maintenance is a growing field with options for connectivity and data collection continuing to be developed. While preventive maintenance relies on best practices and historical data, predictive maintenance takes measurements from machine operations as they are occurring and uses this data to raise red flags when indications of a problem are noted. In summary, predictive maintenance:
• Is proactive
• Can be performed as the machines are running in their normal production modes
• Identifies and addresses potential problems, allowing maintenance to occur before a failure happens
• Relies on interconnected measurement and data collection systems as well as tools and personnel to analyze that data
You probably have some type of maintenance plan in place already, and it’s likely a preventive approach. Preventive or predictive maintenance are how most companies do industrial maintenance — and both are vastly superior to the third alternative — reactive maintenance, which essentially is addressing a piece of machinery only after it breaks down. For more on predictive maintenance and its advantages, continue reading below.

Predictive Maintenance from Advanced Technology Services, an industrial maintenance outsourcing company
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