Thermal Altitude Testing: The Basics


Before blasting off into space, an aircraft or space vehicle, as well as everything on board, must pass rigorous assessments. One such evaluation the component, system or piece of flight hardware in question may undergo is thermal altitude testing.


The primary reason for this testing is to avert failure in critical components. If these parts go down, it could lead to catastrophic results. Manufacturers must do all they can to develop durable equipment to survive and properly operate under the harsh and quick-to-change conditions associated with high altitudes. By demonstrating the ability to reliably perform under any atmospheric or environmental condition, these tests also work to assure purchasers the product has superior quality.


Guaranteeing all instrumentation and mission-critical elements are ready for the extreme conditions of high altitudes is vital. Not only to preserve the time and resources invested into their manufacturing, but an operation as a whole. For further information on the magnitude of thermal altitude testing, please see the accompanying resource.

The Importance of Thermal Altitude Testing from Marotta Controls, a Spacecraft Control System Company
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